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If you do not live in the Bath area then you may like a distant treatment by telephone. Matthew is able to test your body’s chakras remotely and the energy is transmitted through toning and chanting of sacred symbols. This healing method is an integral part of the Karuna® Reiki system and Matthew has built on this with his own techniques. His work on the telephone can be just as powerful as with an in-person treatment. Distant treatments must be booked and paid for in advance and time is required for Matthew to work out a unique treatment plan.


Click for larger versionReiki is an holistic therapy and so everyone gets the same basic treatment, regardless of the issues they are trying to address. However, the more I know about the issues, the more I’m able to customise the treatment. The basic treatment is carried out by means of 12 five-minute hand positions plus a few shorter supplementary positions. This means that it takes just over an hour to carry out the work. The energy flows to where it's needed, but clients may ask for the positions to be varied, depending on their particular condition. For example, people who have issues with their legs sometimes ask for extra hand positions in this area.

Following an initial discussion clients are asked to hop up on to the examination couch - clothed, face up and with their hands flat on the couch by their side. Shoes, glasses and dangerous jewellery need to be removed beforehand; some clients prefer to remove all their jewellery. Candles burn to maintain positive energy within the room and one of a selection of pieces of music will play throughout the treatment. Silver Birches is situated in a quiet location and it's generally very peaceful during a treatment. Three photographs on this page show a Reiki treatment in progress. The recipient is being treated for a back problem, even though I’m spending two thirds of the time treating the client’s front. A larger version will appear if any of these images is clicked.


Treatment Details

Click for larger versionAn important aspect of Reiki is the intent - the actions that the recipient would like the energy to perform. I discuss this with clients beforehand but they merely need to think the intent to themselves at the start of the treatment. The minimum intent should be ‘Best Health, Highest Good’, but clients are free to ask for anything they like - although the intent must not be open to interpretation. The Reiki energy stays with a recipient for around a day, but it may last longer - depending on the intent.

Before the treatment gets underway I check some of the client’s chakras with a pendulum. This will allow me to see the difference that the treatment has made. The chakras should be spinning quickly in alternate directions. Clients with a chronic condition may require healing sounds to be toned into a particular part of the body. This helps to get the treatment off to a good start, building on the intent. A client will hear the sounds and feel the vibrations going in. Sometimes the ‘laser beam’ technique is also used at this stage - with energy emerging from three fingers held over a problem area.

I wash my hands and issue a brief opening statement to welcome assistance from the universe. The hands-on treatment then begins. Some clients like to talk throughout the treatment, some just give me the occasional comment on what they’re feeling and others prefer to remain silent, helping them to experience deep relaxation. These are the steps in the treatment:

  • Hand positions 1-4: Face/eyes, the temples, back of head, throat/jaw.
  • Hand positions 5-8: Above heart, bottom of rib cage, the abdomen, the pelvic area. My hands are then briefly placed on the knees, ankles and toes to draw the energy down the body. The client is then asked to turn over.
  • Hand positions 9-12: Shoulders, shoulder blades, lower back, the tail bone. My hands are then briefly placed on the backs of the knees, the ankles and the soles of the feet to ground the energy. My hands are then gradually moved up the spine, finishing with one hand on the top of the client’s head, again grounding the energy.

I then use two brushing motions down the back to force any negative particles to drop out of the aura. I then say a closing statement to thank the universe for the energy used and I then leave the room to wash my hands. At this point I ask for the client to roll over on to their back. I’ll then use the pendulum again to see how the chakras tested earlier have changed.

Note: The hand positions are shown in pictures on a separate page.


Applying for a Treatment

If you've decided that you would like to try Reiki, an application form and contact information are shown on the Get In Touch page.


Click for larger version1. As far as possible, I need to stay within a client’s aura during the treatment. This means that one hand remains in-place during a change of position. And when moving to another part of the body my hands move in stages.

2. Reiki has a detox effect on the body and it’s important to drink plenty of water. It’s recommended that clients drink a small amount of water before they leave home for the treatment. A pint of water is recommended when they return home. Headaches and nausea can occur if these toxins are not washed out. Clients that are not regular water drinkers should get used to drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to the treatment.

3. Caution must be exercised with diabetes, serious mental conditions, unset broken bones, pacemakers and transplant organs. In the case of diabetes and mental conditions it’s recommended that a client brings a chaperone. Universal life-force energy can cause unset broken bones to start healing in position, some older pacemakers can be affected by the energy and there have been cases where the energy has apparently caused the body to reject recently transplanted organs.

4. Neither client nor practitioner must be under the influence of alcohol during a Reiki treatment, as the channelled energy will be severely affected.

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