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Reiki Second Degree

This course is for people who have held the first degree of Reiki for at least three months. It offers:

- The second degree attunement
- Details of the three sacred symbols
- An additional symbol for DNA balancing
- Practice in use of all the symbols by drawing, in sound and visualisation
- Individual and group distance healing techniques
- Energised water throughout the day
- Use of a pendulum, crystals and cards
- Visit to Stony Littleton long barrow for the attunement, depending on the weather
- Manual and certificate
- Notebook and pen
- Digital photographs to help you remember the course
- Ongoing support by telephone or email

Students will need to bring:

- Suitable additional footwear for outdoors
- A light packed lunch
- A special crystal (if you have one) to power up during the attunement

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Matthew with stiudents at Stanton Drew Stony Littleton is another site used in the courses

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