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Healing With Natural Energies

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Pendulum dowsing to find hidden information  

Natural Energies students with their certificates

There are no requirements for attending this course but it is especially suitable for those with at least second degree Reiki. Matthew believes it provides the most fun and magic that can be packed into a single day! This is a very practical course and everyone will be able to try out all of the demonstrations during the day. Students will be asked to bring along a set of clear quartz crystals to make a healing grid. Six points, one pyramid, ball or cluster and a crystal to act as the master. Please get in touch for further information. Matthew generally has suitable sets of crystals in stock at significantly below normal high street prices. The course covers:

Pendulum Dowsing
- Testing physical energies in food, water, symbols and chakras
- Water energising with a personal harmoniser, symbol and magnets
- Water energising with a crystal bowl
- Water memory
- Setting up the pendulum for information
- Asking questions, including finding lost objects
- Psychometry - finding out information about inanimate objects

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Finding the positive and negative sides of the aura  

Finding a hidden object with dowsing rods

- Amazing healing symbols on pieces of paper
- How to use the four different types for headaches, emotional problems, grounding and healing

- Various simple demonstrations with magnets
- Magnetic insoles

Other Energy Demonstrations
- PiWater, hugging, mobile phones, Head Ecstasy, human geometric shapes, meditation to a shamanic drumbeat and battery re-charging

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Sensing the energy from the Antahkarana symbol  

Making energised water in a crystal bowl

- Basics
- Crystal Distance Healing
- Creating and using a Crystal Grid
- Crystals as deoderant

The Body's Energy System
- The seven major Chakras
- Auras
- Chakra balancing by synthesiser, crystals, mantras and hands
- Comprehensive list of stones for chakra work

- Practice of chakra sounds
- Tibetan bowls
- Crystal bowls
- Tuning forks
- Jamming session - various instruments played along to a sacred chant
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Sound healing with Tibetan Bowls  

Sound healing with Tuning Forks

And offers:

- Energised water throughout the day
- Use of a pendulum, crystals and cards
- Manual and certificate
- Four business card Antahkaranas and four laminated A4 Antahkaranas
- Digital photographs to help you remember the course
- Ongoing support by telephone or email

Students will need to bring:

- A small amount of food to share at lunchtime
- Crystals for the distance healing grid (or purchase them on the day)

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Chakra balancing with crystals and pendulums



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