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Custom Training and Events

Almost half of Matthew’s time is spent running custom training courses. Some people re-learn their Reiki with Matthew and others top up their skills. Items may be selected from the following list for one-off events of one or more days.

- Full Reiki treatment and consultation

- Reiki training course

- Standalone symbol attunement

- Healing With Natural Energies training course

- Coaching in using Reiki with sound - chanting/toning for in-person and telephone treatments (requires Reiki 2)

- Coaching in dowsing skills

- Site visit to Stanton Drew stone circle with or without attunement

- Site visit to Stoney Littleton long barrow with or without attunement

- Site visit to Glastonbury Tor/Chalice Well with or without attunement

- Site visit to Avebury with or without attunement



1. Prices quoted will include transport for up to four people, as well as any entrance and parking fees.

2. Seating is provided for attunements carried out outside.

3. Examples of standalone Reiki symbols include Grace and Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma. A set of user notes is supplied with each attunement. In addition, Antahkarana symbols can be supplied on laminated paper, cloth and business cards, again with user notes.

4. Sometimes two or more members of a family require a course and treatments on the same day. A popular choice is for two or three people to do the Healing With Natural Energies course, also having full Reiki treatments during the same day.

Matthew performs most of his attunements at Stanton Drew and Stony Littleton (the sign is spelt wrong!)

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