Has moving to Bath/Bristol affected your health?
Matthew provides treatments and courses that utilise the infinite resources of freely available universal life-force energy. He has been able to dramatically improve his own health over the last few years, as well as helping other people in the area with treatments or courses to help themselves. You can read about this elsewhere on the site.

Nothing affects our health more than the food we eat, but our environment comes a close second. Recently, Matthew has noticed a pattern with his clients - more and more people are claiming that their illnesses started after moving to the Bath/Bristol area. Matthew is currently studying this subject to see why this might be. Water quality, pollution, intensive farming and the landscape are all possible causes.

Please spend a few minutes completing the questions below. No personal information is requested but you are welcome to put your name and any contact information in the Comments box if you so wish. Data in the form will be submitted along with the temporary network address assigned by your Internet Service Provider. Thank you for your time. A report summarising the results will be available on this site later in the year.



  Location - your city, town or village
  The year you arrived in the area
  Comments about your health (Before and after arriving in the area. Give as much detail as you can)
Possible cause (e.g. different foods or nearby busy road, farm, factory, transmitter, sub-station etc.)

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