Crystal Pendulum for Dowsing

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Click for larger versionDowsing is a very subtle art but everyone has the inherent ability to dowse. A pendulum is the most popular tool used for dowsing. It can detect and show physical energies, as well as helping to answer questions by accessing data from our subconscious, higher selves or spirit guides. There are no rules for what a pendulum can be made out of. Crystal and metal ones are the most popular but pendulums can literally be any suspended weight. You may be attracted to a particular shape or crystal. Matthew stocks Egyptian-style sculptured pendulums as well as sharp and rounded points. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Crystal-types and bulk prices are shown below.

Matthew is a member of the British Society of Dowsers and dowsing crops up on all of his energy-related training courses. In particular there is a complete dowsing module on his half-day 'Healing With Natural Energies' course.

The following crystals are generally stocked in pendulum form:
      Clear Quartz Green Aventurine
      Smoked Quartz Hematite
      Rose Quartz Blue Quartz
      Amethyst Red Jasper
      Sodalite Tiger's Eye
      Yellow Jasper  
The following are bulk/wholesale prices for pointed pendulums (as pictured above). Single price is 5.50.
      2 to 9 4.99
      10 to 24 4.49
      25 to 49 4.24
      50 to 99 3.99
      100 to 199 3.74
      200+ 3.49
The following are bulk/wholesale prices for Egyptian/round sculptured and double-headed pendulums. Single price is 7.50.
      2 to 9 6.49
      10 to 24 5.84
      25 to 49 5.52
      50 to 99 5.19
      100 to 199 4.87
      200+ 4.54

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