Pairs of Magic Magnets

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These Magic Magnets are 2.5 inches (63mm) in diameter and are supplied covered in brightly coloured plastic - red/yellow and blue/green. If necessary Matthew can supply pairs in red/yellow or blue/green to help you distinguish between north and south poles. There is 1420 Gauss between two Magic Magnets under attraction with a 1mm gap between them and 1.75Kg of force is required to push two Magic Magnets together under repulsion. Please see the six photographs and captions below to get an idea of what you'll be able to do with these magnets. Magnetism is one of the modules on the popular Natural Energies course.

The magnets are supplied sealed with notes from the manufacturer The magnets are strong enough to bear each other's weight when opposite poles are touching
Like poles repel and these magnets can support each other in fresh air if an appropriate vertical mount is used The magnets can push each other along without touching, again when like poles are together
One magnet can be used to make the other roll around a flat surface The magnets can be used for all magnetic functions - energising water, healing, science and many other tasks

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