Head Ecstasy (head massager)

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Head Ecstasy is a head massage device that has been creating waves of fun and enjoyment all over the world. It is handcrafted from the best copper materials, with a crystal in the handle. The legs and the conductivity of the copper improve the feeling on the pressure points to be massaged. Head Ecstasy helps to:

* Ease stress

* Ease tension and headaches

* Fire up run-down office workers, especially those using computers

* Warm up relationships

A treatment with Head Ecstasy is great for:

* A conversation piece at parties

* Before sleep and meditation

* Relaxing your friends and family

Head Ecstasy is used by:

* Hairdressers

* Alternative therapy practitioners

* Happy people all over the world

Head Ecstasy - the orgasmic experience that sends shivers up the spine. To find out how to use it,
download this small PDF file.


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Page last updated: 30 Jan 2004