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The Personal Harmoniser is a portable device providing personal protection from electromagnetic radiation. Its design is based on 5500 year old Neolithic rock carvings at New Grange in Ireland. It is especially beneficial to users of mobile phones, but will protect from any kind of electromagnetic pollution that fills our environment. It reduces electromagnetic as well as geopathic stress. It is a flat twin spiral and contains highly energised imploded water. Its small size (only 5cm length, 2.5cm width) makes it easy to carry in your pocket or wallet and use it wherever you are. It will then enhance your natural defences against the damaging radiation coming from radio, TV and mobile phone transmitters which fill our living environment. It can also be slipped into the cases of mobile phones, which are a serious danger to our health, and be used generally to energise food and drinks anywhere. Many people have reported that the Personal Harmoniser, when placed on affected areas of the body, relieves pain and speeds up the healing process. Here are some brief usage guidelines:

Personal protection from electromagnetic pollution

Wear the Personal Harmoniser anywhere on your person. Any pocket or in your wallet/purse will be fine. Direct skin contact is not necessary. You could also wear it around your neck by means of the supplied cord.

Mobile phone protection

Follow the above guidelines or slide the Personal Harmoniser into the carry case behind the mobile phone. You could also stick it to the back of the phone using an adhesive pad (normally used for sticking mirrors to walls).

Further personal uses

Many customers have reported that the Personal Harmoniser, when placed on affected parts of the body, will stimulate the healing process and relieve pain. People with back pain and arthritis/rheumatism have successfully used tape and bandage to keep the Personal Harmoniser in place. Placed on the throat over night it seems to improve catarrh. Experiment to find the way that suits you best.

Energising food and water

Placing the Personal Harmoniser next to any water container will cause the water inside to become energised. 10 litres of water will be energised within 5 minutes, a jug of water within one minute. However, leave the water standing for a further 15 minutes before consumption for the energisation to have a physical effect, i.e. improve taste. Energise food in the same manner. For example place the Personal Harmoniser in or beside your fruit bowl for about 5 minutes.

Energising your fridge

This is a very easy and elegant way to ensure that your food is energised. Just place your Personal Harmoniser anywhere in the fridge for a few days. This should be long enough, although some people like to keep one in permanently. Delicatessen shops and other users have confirmed that milk and vegetables last longer when energised. Some have reported that the taste of wines and beers improves, too.

These are just some uses of the Personal Harmoniser. Please experiment for yourselves and do let Matthew know what kind of results you get.


The Personal Harmoniser is made from copper tubing and will tarnish with time. If you like yours shiny, polish it with a metal polish such as Brasso. If you prefer to only use natural substances then immerse the device in vinegar with a small sprinkling of salt. This will clean it in just a few seconds.

In 1998, extensive controlled plant trials took place at the One World Garden Centre in Northern Ireland. The results of the trials were a 50% reduction in the required feed, a healthier, stronger root structure and an overall 250% increase in yield for plants watered with energised water compared to plants watered with ordinary non-energised water.

In December 1998 the Coghill Research Laboratories in Wales tested the effects of the Personal Harmoniser on the viability of lymphocytes in vitro. Lymphocytes, which are the white blood corpuscles produced in lymphatic tissue, play a very important role in fighting infection and diseases such as cancer. Lymphocytes are easily damaged by unnatural EMFs and especially by microwave radiation, which are used for the mobile phone communications system. The standard scientific tests have shown that the number and viability (capability of living) of lymphocytes remained much more viable in samples which were energised with the Personal Harmoniser. This confirms that the Personal Harmoniser has a beneficial and strengthening effect on the human immune system. Further tests investigated the effects of mobile phone radiation on samples energised with the Personal Harmoniser. These tests showed that the viability and number of lymphocytes in energised samples were significantly higher to those in non-energised samples. This confirms that the Personal Harmoniser has a protective effect on the immune system.

In August 2000 a follow-up study was carried out by the Coghill Research Laboratories. "The results showed that the protected cells enjoyed much higher post exposure viability compared with cells which do not have the benefit of the Harmoniser. Furthermore it did not seem to matter that the water in the Harmoniser had been imploded more than a year prior to the study, or that the Harmoniser had itself been previously exposed to ambient radiation. This study therefore confirmed the results of a previous study and leads us to conclude that the device lives up to its protective claims."


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