Mug with Male Antahkarana Symbol

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Used in China and Tibet for thousands of years, the Antahkarana is a very ancient healing and meditation symbol. Once available to only a few Reiki Masters, the symbol is presented here for your use in healing. It is also believed to enhance meditation and prayer or spiritual practice. Energy-sensitive hands can detect the energy coming from the symbol and a pendulum can also be used. When placed under or over a client the Antahkarana seems to improve the healing available from almost any therapy. You also can sit on it or hang it on a wall. Unlike the symbols used in Reiki and related disciplines, you do not need to be attuned to the Antahkarana. Full instructions will be provided but please get in touch if you have any questions.

This beautiful mug includes a purple male Antahkarana on one side, helping to purify and add energy to the drink. On the reverse is the word 'Energized!". Bulk discounts are available.


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