Your Cure For Cancer

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A 300-page book by Dr. Charles McWilliams - world renown Naturopath, Homeopath, Acupuncturist and Eclectic. A self-help guide to making alternative therapies work for you - helping you to take steps to make improvements in your health right now. The book includes photographs and illustrations and covers:

- Abdominal Breathing
- Water Detoxification
- Healthology Checkup
- Skin Cleansing and Detox
- Lymph Drainage
- Abdominal Massage
- Moxibustion
- Zone Reflexo Therapy
- Medicated Baths
- Healthologist’s Enema
- Castor Oil Packs
- Iodine Checkup
- For Your Life Dieting
- Body Magnets
- High Energy Water
- Hidden Breakthroughs
- Clinical Breakthroughs
- Silent Breakthroughs

A message from Dr. Charles McWilliams

Since writing this book I have come across many procedures and products that have impressive results and some that have not. As an addition to the book I would like to add a suggestion that may assist you in regaining and maintaining good health and certainly preventing cancer.

It has become very evident that bowel flora is vital to good health. One of the most consistent observations I have made over the years as a physician is that I have never found a person with a good appetite (a strong sensation of hunger), normal stools (large diameter and floaters), normal yellow clear urine, body temperature (98.6F) and one who gets a good night’s sleep who was chronically constipated.

There are dozens of bowel cleansing and bowel maintaining products on the market. Most are OK. But when I listened to the Prime Directive cassette I was impressed enough to investigate. Before I try a new product, first I check with doctors who are using the product, then I take it, then I begin prescribing it for my patients.

Prime Directive is a superior bowel cleansing and maintaining product. It is a powered blend of 22 organically grown fermented organic whole foods. It has an impressive list of 13 Lactobacillus bacteria, where most other products contain only two or three. I believe the great benefit of this product is the fermentation process that pre-digests the 22 whole foods and releases the nutrients. This is a very important product for anyone with a compromised digestive system, they are now able to get the nutrients that otherwise would not be absorbed thanks to these life saving bacteria, which also produce vitamins we need.

This is one of the reasons that users of the Prime Directive notice a difference in their sense of wellbeing usually within a few days. I would say more than 50 percent of my patients are medically constipated. I use and prescribe Prime Directive routinely.

Remember we are not what we eat, we are what we absorb!!

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In addition, my newest publication is the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NATUROPATHY and is now available. This enormous document has over 1,000 diseases with suggestions for treatment by alternative means. I believe it to be the largest such document of its type in the world. To preview just visit -


Dr. Charles McWilliams
Nevis Island, Monday, November 4, 2002


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