Introducing Reiki and Matthew Holbrook
Matthew is a member of:
Rei (Universal energy)

Ki (Fundamental life-force)

A Reiki treatment can provide profound relief from a physical or emotional symptom and a Reiki training course is a life-changing experience for many. The energy is amazing on its own but it can also be used alongside mainstream or other alternative therapies. Matthew has a powerful ability to channel energy that comes from spiritual attunements carried out at some of the UK's most energetic locations - Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury Tor and Stanton Drew.

Clients ask Matthew to address a wide range of issues, the most common being back and neck problems, sciatica, neuralgia, cramp, stress, high blood pressure, problems with joints, a lack of confidence, depression, panic attacks, negativity, issues from the past (such as a troubled childhood), sleeping problems and recovery from injury or surgery. However, Reiki can be used to address problems in all aspects of your life, whether in body, mind, soul or spirit - even if the cause of the problem is unknown.

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