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The Antahkarana Symbols

The Antahkarana is an ancient healing and meditation symbol believed to have been used in China and Tibet for thousands of years. The symbol is multi-dimensional and when first looked at appears as a two dimensional form of three 7s within a circle. As a three-dimensional object the symbol appears as a cube. Continued use as a meditation tool will allow the practitioner to experience further dimensional possibilities. The Antahkarana has a consciousness of its own and will work independently of a practitioner’s energy. When actively used in healing it focuses the energy used and produces a Taoist Microcosmic Orbit, creating an energy flow up the governor channel and down the functional channel. When these two meridians are joined together and functioning as a circuit, stress is discharged, organ function improves and the groundwork is laid for emotional well being and spiritual development. The body undergoes a cleansing process and the chakras become activated. The Antahkarana can be used in a variety of methods to enhance all forms of healing disciplines. A brief summary of the main role of each symbol is given below. Matthew is able to supply Antahkarana symbols on laminated paper, cloth and business cards. And the symbols are covered in-depth on his Natural Energies course.
Male Female Square Cosmic Cross
Direct penetrating healing Gentle nurturing energy and the basis of crystal grids Clears blockages and negativity Opens heart and creates sacred spaces
In June 1999 an unusual crop circle appeared at Allington, near Devizes in England. The image seemed to represent a female Antahkarana but a closer inspection showed it to be a mirror image of the symbol - as if a female Antahkarana had appeared about the field and beamed a copy of itself down! Most crop circle researchers would not know the significance of the shape and so this incident was almost universally described as a three dimensional cube. Click the image below for a larger version in a new window.


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