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Matthew at Cheddar GorgeHello, I’m Matthew Holbrook. This web page will tell you a lot about me. Half of my time is spent working with the Reiki energy for healing, as well as training others how to use it. The rest of my time is spent working with computers. I’ve worked extensively in the national media, contributing over five million words to a variety of magazines, as well as appearing on television, radio and working at exhibitions and other media events. For most of my life I’ve required a variety of prescription drugs for asthma, eczema, an almost all year round form of ‘hay fever’ and various other ailments. In a single month it would not be unusual for me to return from the chemist with 10 items - inhalers, bottles of eyedrops, pills and capsules. At various points in the past my asthma was serious enough for me to get through a 200-puff inhaler in a single day - not something to be recommended! And it was quite common for me to beg the chemist to give me an advance on the next prescription that was still in the post.

Matthew on Sky TVBy the late 1990s all of this was beginning to take its toll on me. I was generating large cysts in the roof of my mouth. These rotted away the roots of many teeth and at one point the roof of my mouth was wafer thin. Two operations and many hundreds of antibiotics were required to sort me out. By this point my immune system was wrecked and my asthma and allergies became much worse. I decided that a new approach was required and I started by quitting my day job of 15 years. I soon realised that we all have to take charge of our own healthcare - seeking out the services and advice that are appropriate for us. My first port of call was Bath-based homeopath Karen Leadbeater. She gradually weaned me off the drugs and I supplemented her treatment with meditation, Reiki and changes to my diet. Meanwhile, Stuart Clark at Widcombe Dental Solutions in Bath was doing amazing work to restore my teeth.

Matthew almost kept the drugs industry running single handilyI took my last puff on an asthma inhaler in February 2001 and all other medication had ceased by that time. The summer of 2001 was the first in my life that I did not experience serious eye discomfort. And the lack of drugs allowed me to sense what was happening to my body. The sneezing and mucus were not hayfever at all - they were caused by my liking for yoghurt! My deodorant and shower gel were also found to be a contribution to the problem. My previous use of a nasal spray was a great way of preventing all-day sneezing and the use of about 30 hankies. The side effect was that my asthma became significantly worse because I had no way of getting rid of the mucus - the main enemy of an asthmatic.

This profound healing led me to train as a Reiki practitioner so I could help other people. I undertook First and Second Degree Reiki courses at Winford Manor Retreat with Reiki Master Teacher Lynne Whitwam. These courses included high quality attunements that allow me to channel a high level of energy for my clients. Some practitioners spend just a few hours doing the range of courses. Such training often includes poor attunements and therefore a significantly reduced experience for people being treated. Always ask your Reiki practitioner about their training and experience.

Simon TreselyanI waited three months between the first two degrees and used the energy extensively. I then went on to train with Lynne as a Reiki Master Practitioner, again at Winford Manor Retreat. In advance of this I took a Reiki Special Tools course. This re-enforced how Reiki can be used to address all aspects of our lives. The last part of my main training was a Reiki Energy Mastership in Glastonbury with Simon Treselyan. Just about the best experience of my life, you can read about that amazing 10-day by clicking here.. I successfully graduated from the course as a Reiki Master Teacher and I am now able to practice and teach all major disciplines of Reiki that are available in the UK. I also learnt the first two levels of the Egyptian Sekhem system during the course. I returned to Glastonbury later that year for Sekhem Advanced. In early 2003 I had the chance to attend a three-day conference with Phyllis Lei Furumoto, the lineage bearer and figurehead for the Usui system of Reiki. This was on the public practice of Reiki in the UK. I followed this with a course in Japanese Reiki techniques with Léonie Clark in Burbage, near Marlborough and I sat in on another Reiki Mastership course with Simon Treselyan in August 2003.

Matthew completed  his Egyptian Sekhem training with Maggie JamiesonNovember 2003 saw me attending a two-day workshop with Patrick Zeigler - my first experience of the SKHM energy. At around the same time I started to study Violet Flame Reiki® and received the system’s four attunements the following month from Loretta Healy in San Pedro, California. And in June 2004 I received a Lightarian Reiki attunement from Léonie Clark in the North East circle at Stanton Drew. September 2004 saw me spending three more days with Simon Treselyan at Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury and Wells. And November 2004 saw me completing my Egyptian Sekhem training with Maggie Jamieson in Shepton Mallet. The following month I undertook guided meditations and attunements from Magi and her 28Kg citrine crystal skull Nut-H-Lam in Somerton. Magi's focus is on facilitating our connection with the divine, using sound in the process.

James D'AngeloIn March 2005 Magi visited Silver Birches with the Nut-H-Lam skull. She undertook powerful attunements and meditations with the group. In the afternoon a traditional Reiki Share was held and Magi stayed on for that, completing a really enjoyable day. In April I found myself on the very first of Simon Treselyan’s Shemana courses. This Glastonbury event was well-attended and included Sekhem 1 and Adama Starfire attunements and hidden knowledge about humanity and the Earth. There was also a special initiation that led to me becoming an apprentice of the Temple of Soloman and Errant Knight of the Order of the Flaming Star. 26 May was Learning At Work Day, part of Adult Learners’ Week. As part of this I gave four Reiki talks to office workers in Bath.These included a slideshow and demonstrations of spot treatments and chakra balancing. It was a brilliant day and I hope to do it again next year. The following weekend I linked up with James D’Angelo for his Vibrational Healing course in Glastonbury. I have had tremendous success toning and chanting Reiki symbols in-person and on the telephone. I saw this as a chance to move beyond Reiki in terms of sound healing. The course was a powerful interactive experience and gave me many new techniques to work with on my clients. In July 2005 I had a one-to-one crystal bowl training session with Pat Reynolds at Spectrum Wellbeing in Devon. This was a truly magical day, taking me yet further forward in the world of healing. Crystal bowls are now used on most of the events at Silver Birches. In the September Magi returned for another special day with her crystal skull Nut-H-Lam as well as her blue obsidian skull Gaia Star. This was combined with a Reiki Share and was another day to remember. In November I revisited Maggie Jamieson for her Way of the Supreme Gift course. This was another transformational experience.

Stony Littleton is used as the location for my Reiki 2 attunements. This is a long barrow near Wellow and is aligned to the Mid-Winter sunrise, just as New Grange is in Ireland. On December 21 I visited the site to watch the sunrise. This is a magical time and the original reason for celebration at this time of year. This inspired me to get more involved in the eight special days in the year that are linked to the position of the sun. On 1 February 2006 I attended the Imbolc celebrations in Glastonbury. This day is half way between Mid-Winter’s Day and the Spring Equinox. The celebrations were carried out at the White Spring, Chalice Well and St. Bride’s Mound. I wrote some poetry for the day and had the chance to read it out at the wellhead in Chalice Well. With my interest in the solar celebrations further kindled and a new connection with Glastonbury established, a major new interest was now with me. The Spring Equinox brought equal light and dark and was a low-key celebration in Chalice Well. I returned on 1 May for the early morning Beltane celebrations - half way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. This was an amazing experience. I produced further poetry to be read to the masses at the wellhead and leaped the Beltane fire several times. Later that month I gave two Reiki talks as part of Learning At Work Day 2006. In June it was Companions’ Day at Chalice Well. This was a wonderful day and I had the chance to read my new Chalice Well poetry to the crowd in the afternoon. The Summer Solstice celebrations were also enjoyable around this time. And for the August full moon Caitlin & Sika visited Chalice Well and gave a magical performance near the yew trees. Also in August Chalice Well had its Healing Weekend. I was asked to run the opening circle at the wellhead and I guided the group through a meditation, a poem, peace quotes and mixed water being poured into the well with a blessing. I also did Reiki and sound healing in the summerhouse in the centre of the gardens. This was an excellent spot, with the sun shining in and the sound of water from Arthur’s Courtyard. All the sessions felt very powerful.

Straight after this I started working with Nikita Moore, a local 11-year-old with terminal cancer. I started with a two hour full-on session comprising everything I’m able to do. She then returned twice a week for half-hour top--ups with me and generally two colleagues. She also came along to Reiki Shares, where she was treated by the whole group. We remained hopeful that Reiki would extend her life and improve her life-force and feeling of wellbeing. On 19 November a fundraising event was held for Nikita. This was called Mission Possible and involved abseiling down Cheltenham’s tallest building. This was a life-changing experience for me because I am petrified of heights - see how I got on here. The rest of the event is documented on this link. Simon Treselyan came over from Australia in November to help with Nikita and also to make the jump in Cheltenham. Sadly, Nikita finally lost her fight against the cancer at 16:15 on 24 December 2006. As 2007 started to move forward I returned to Glastonbury on 1 February for the Imbolc celebrations. Here I debuted the 2007 edition of my Imbolc poetry. I returned on 21 March for the Spring Equinox. And on 8 April I was at Chalice Well helping Natasha Wardle with the foot washing and anointing ceremony for Ostara. And on 1 May it was back for an early start for the Beltane celebrations. Later that month on the 24th it was time for Learning At Work Day 2007. And on 9 June 2007 it was back to Chalice Well for another excellent Companions Day. On 21 June it was back to Glastonbury for the Litha (the Summer Solstice) celebrations. A few short weeks later it was back again for three events to celebrate Lammas 2007 – the first fruits of the harvest. I visited the Goddess Temple, the Tor and Chalice Well. One of my photos and a short report was featured in the Western Daily Press. At the same time I joined the Wisdom Evoking Spirit group. I was interviewed on Glastonbury Radio on 24 August about my spiritual path (a 55MB podcast of this may still be available from this link) and this was immediately followed by the 2007 Chalice Well Healing Weekend. I then started working with Jana Runnalls in Glastonbury for voice coaching and drumming. The idea of this was to improve my performance at rituals as well as during healing sessions where sound is involved. In early September there was a late summer concert at Chalice Well, where the very popular Caitlin & Sika returned with their world music and ancient mantras for the appreciative audience. On 16 September I joined the Western Order Of Druids to formalise my attendance at their events and to fill a spiritual void. Pictures from their anniversary event held on the same day may be found here. On 19 September I visited The Summerlands in Glastonbury for a voice and sound healing concert with Milagros Phillips. This was followed with a packed Mabon 2007 (Autumn Equinox) day in Glastonbury on Sunday 23 September. I read seasonal poetry at three of the events and played Tibetan bowls at some of them as well. A few days later it was back to Glastonbury for ritual and poetry at the White Spring on the occasion of the 26 September full moon. One of my photos from Mabon 2007 was included in the Western Daily Press on 28 September.

Matthew gives a cow a Reiki treatment on a cold, wet SundayI undertake regular self-Reiki treatments and meditation sessions at home. Both enhance the effects of the other to provide effective healing and de-stressing. I also meditate at the Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury each week. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle with no medication, regular exercise and a wholefood/organic diet. I also exchange energies with other Reiki practitioners on a regular basis. I use the Reiki energy in many varied situations, from treating myself, others and animals to manifesting goals and fixing wayward equipment. I am a Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation and I also belong to the (non-accredited) Reiki Association as well as the British Society of Dowsers. As well as this I am a member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners. During treatments and courses we sometimes end up talking about matters far removed from Reiki. Some clients return to attend my occasional courses in ‘hidden knowledge’.

I am a Master/Teacher for traditional Usui Reiki and Raku Kei, as well as Tibetan, Karuna®, Seichem, Seichim, Violet Flame® and Original Seven-Degree System Reiki. I am also an Egyptian Sekhem Master/Teacher.

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