A Drug Free Life
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Just some of the drugs Matthew was using prior to his amazing healing

When Matthew decided to sort himself out, homeopath Karen Leadbeater required him to list all the drugs he had ever taken. This was a daunting task and this is what he came up with:

Antibiotics specifically for two large dental cysts in upper mouth:

- Amoxycillin 500mg capsules [Six courses split between late 1996/early 1997 and late 1998]
- Augmentin 375mg tablets [Five courses late 1998]
- Metronidazole 200mg tablets [Two courses late 1998]

Various Asthma drugs, including:

- Salbutamol 100mg inhaler (since age 5) [When needed - up to 250 puffs a day when at my worst]
- Beclazone 250mg steroid inhaler (since age 29) [two puffs twice per day]
- Intal - powder steroid inhaler (age 7ish for a few years)
- Ventolin - powder inhaler (age 9ish for a few years)
- Becotide - powder steroid inhaler (age 11ish for a few years)
- Ventolin tablets (most of childhood - these gave me very shaky hands and therefore bad writing)
- Zaditen - steroid capsule/tablet (age 14ish until 29)

Various eye medications, including:

- Predsol N steroid drops (age 10ish until age 29)
- Betnesol N steroid drops (age29 only)
- Rapitil steroid drops (age 29 until 31)
- Opticrom steroid drops (when young - didn’t use much because they stung)
- Various creams I cannot remember

Various allergy mediations, including:

- Nasobec Aqueous 50mg nasal spray (since age 29) [two puffs/nostril twice per day for 9 months of year]
- Hydrocortisone Cream b.p.1% (since age 31) [On face twice per day - just stopped]
- DiproBase Cream Emollient (since age 31) [As required - just stopped]


- Benelin cough mixture (large quantities throughout childhood).
- Various antibiotics in childhood.

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